Today is my 6th month anniversary at Ashland.  I cannot believe it’s been 6 months.  And I cannot believe it’s ONLY been 6 months.  I have enjoyed everyday I have been here.  I am thankful everyday for the staff and creativity that surrounds this place.  I am thankful for the opportunity to minister in a place I am so deeply called.

At the same time I admit that I have been holding my breath for the last 6 months.  Partially waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop, but partially because accepting a new call is always a leap of faith.  While interviewing I tried to present myself authentically, showing them I was human, but you know… not “too” human.  It is the nature of the call process in the Presbyterian Church that Pastoral Nominating Committees have to remain secret.  And on the side of the pastor, there is simply only so much they can see, we are both taking a leap of faith that we are both being honest.

How do we do that? We rely on the Spirit, it is the only way.

So today is the same as any other day, but I am willing to exhale… a little.  We are still honeymooning, I know we are still getting to know each other, but I am so thankful, everyday to be here and in this place.

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