The Wall of Sin and Death

Wall of Lent

I am working on Lent, can you tell? Sometimes I just need to get it out of me, work on it for a while. Sermon writing and worship planning are creative processes and I am a visual thinker or learner.  I spent years fighting this, mostly because until college I didn’t realize that visual learning was even an option! But once I embraced the chaos that is in my mind, found a way to get it on paper, I found organizing thoughts quite simple.

I have also embraced the fact that thoughts, memories, and inspiration comes over time.  I have been planning this Lenten series on Atonement for a few months, but I need to get it on paper, get it out of myself, which yes, sometimes means getting it onto newsprint and plastering it on my wall.

God, I am thankful for the gift of visual learning, for the beauty of thoughts organized, and for colorful pens.  But most of all, dear God, for the inventor or post-it note newsprint.  Your creation is amazing.

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