Black Shows Everything


So I am done with the black.  Although I am very proud of myself, not once have I cheated.  This entire Lenten season I have stuck to my practice.  All black, no fixing hair, no jewelry, no make-up.  And only 6 days to go!

If you read this blog than you know that this whole spiritual practice has been a good, dare I say, great one for me.  But there are a few reasons I would like it to end.

First, I am tired of doing laundry all the time.  Part of the deal is that I would not buy anything new for this endeavor, and like most women, I have quite a lot of black in my closet.  However, I do have to do laundry at least twice a week to have enough pants and shirts to make it through.

Second, I feel like I am going to a funeral everyday.  Need I say more?

But last and certainly not least, is the fact that black shows everything.  I have a dog who sheds and two little kids, and I spend more time with a lint brush than anything else.  Which got me thinking- Do I really want to give up the black because I want to go back into hiding?

The black has been exposing, in more ways than I thought.  I really don’t think about what I wear (except if it’s clean) and I have a ton of time in the morning not fixing my hair, face, etc.  Why would I want to give all that up?

I try to live my life in an authentic way, but until this lenten practice I did not realize how much of myself I kept reserved, how much of my personality and well, dirt, I kept hidden.  But the black, it shows everything.  I have to put myself out there, I have to initiate, make first contact, and really, I have enjoyed it.

But I am also eager to return to “normal”, as long as there is a new normal, one with exposure and reserve, one where I nurture all sides of myself, outgoing and private.  We’ll see how it goes on Easter Morning.

2 thoughts on “Black Shows Everything

  1. Shannon, you have inspired me. What a journey. Thanks so much for putting it out there to provoke the rest of us to think. p.s. this photo on your blog site is adorable! 🙂 Have a sacred and blessed Holy Week.

  2. My reverse sacrifice … dressing more colorfully and joyfully, rather than in my usual, funereal black garb … Has prepared me for EASTER! I believe I shall continue to wear my Easter joy even when my Lenten “black fast” is finished. Thanks for the inspiration, Pastor!

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