Extrovert’s Guide to UNCO

unco 13 breakoutSo I am a host of unconference, a non-conference for church leaders. It is this week at Stony Point Conference Center. It is one of the most enjoyable things I am apart of.

I will let you read the website learn more about it. However, there is an assumption that it is only for extroverts, and there was a guide (I looked for it but couldn’t find it) to an introvert’s guide to unco.

But this week I realized there also needs to be an extrovert’s guide to unco.

First, I want to say, unco is for both!!

I love being an extrovert, but we have a stereotype (at least in my world) that being an extrovert is better. And I don’t know what it’s like on the other side. But I want to say that being an extrovert is exhausting, I would dare to say most of the time. I am easily excited, easily stimulated by talking to others, and laugh loud and proud and often.

However, the idea that conversations are life-giving to me is true in terms of creativity and processing and work. But here at unco I am so full of life, so stimulated that I am getting very little sleep. I am exhausted and excited beyond my own understanding. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

BUT introvert’s aren’t the only ones in this world that need permission to walk away and spend some time alone. In fact, not only do I need permission but it is so hard because it’s life-giving.

This is the problem of my life, not just at unco, but I need to understand this. It is the opposite of an introvert, being by myself does not renew me, being with these people does. But just as introverts can’t lock themselves in a cave, I sometimes need to walk away from the conversation.

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