Now Forget Everything I Just Said…

ImageThe other day I wrote this blog post about an extrovert’s guide to UNCO. Well, today I came home after the best unco I have experienced (every experience is different, no right/no wrong). New friends and old, people I only knew through social network and others from friendships formed before such a thing existed were there and I had a blast.

Anyone who meets me will have no problem knowing within a few seconds that I am a flaming extrovert, almost off the chart (in the high 90’s, scary, I know). I was right when I wrote that blog post, about everything but one thing.  Don’t do it.  Don’t go to bed. Don’t retreat.  Retreat later.

This March I was at a different conference that was 8 days long, that is a different story, the first few days it started out this way a couple hours of sleep a night staying up to all hours of the morning, but by day 3 or 4 one needs to sleep, even me… 

However unco is different.  Because I was a host I was there for 4 nights (regular participant would be there for 2).  The first night was about 4 hours of sleep, excited and anxious about making sure everything was “perfect” (I know, I KNOW this is unco)…

Anyway, the second night was a great night with new friends, the third with a long time beloved friend.  I was done, tapped out, last night (the fourth night) I should have gone to bed, I was tired, I was ready, in my head. But my heart was telling a different story, God was telling me differently.

And it started because of dirty clothes and hockey.  God truly does work in mysterious ways (And if you haven’t already started singing U2, I’ll save you the googling trouble).

The content of the conversation is not important for this purpose, and neither is any more detail besides to say, forget everything I just said in that last post.  As an extrovert if you are a thinker or a feeler, intuitive or sensing, perceiving or judging. Lister to your heart, listen to the still small voice, and screw the rest.

God has sustained me through this day and I am still energized by the last 4 days.  I do not know how I am standing, or functioning.  Yes, I am irritable and more than a little tired, but there is no comparison to the experience of God that we receive in this community.  I experienced God through the body of Christ- it is one of the greatest gifts of all time and I am thankful.

So I will sleep tonight in my own bed, I will spend the next few days with a lack of sleep hangover, and I will be grateful of every second and the next time you have this opportunity, you will too. Thanks be to God.

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