Fret Not, It Tends Only To Evil

There is plenty in this world to worry about. “Why worry about tomorrow when today has worries enough of its own?” Jesus asks.

Because it’s what I do, I worry.  I worry that I am not living up to all the expectations.

Who’s expectations? I am asked.

Mine, the world’s, I don’t know.  My family, my congregation, the drive inside me that pushes me to do better, be better, do everything well and perfect.

But I am not perfect. And I find comfort in the idea that God did not create me “perfect” for this world. This world and I don’t get along so well sometimes.  I fit the criteria admittedly, I am “successful” in Western terms of the word but I don’t always fit the mold.  I like that about myself.

There is a joke by those who know me best that “she’s humble too” in my confidence, but the reality is yes, there is a humility in a certain kind of confidence.  God gave that to me.  I think about David who walked out without armor to meet Goliath, there was a humility to his confidence.  A humility in being God’s follower, knowing where his power lay. He could have died, he either knew this and didn’t care, or he there was a beauty in his confidence (or stupidity…).

What we do not hear is that he worried. Why worry about tomorrow, or this next moment?  Tomorrow will have worries of its own.  Today however, I shall live in a humble confidence that I am a child of God, loved and claimed to do the work of the Spirit in this world.  Thanks be to God. Amen.

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