I Wish to See Jesus

I wish I could see Jesus.  Just for a moment.  To be surrounded by so much love and warmth, to be held in the embrace that knows all.

A word would not need to be said between us, it has already been done.

Just a moment, a look, a glance… anything to feel whole again.

ImageI’ve felt so tired, so broken, so inept lately. Or so it seems, I go one way and others are another. Which is the way of God?  It seems there’s little difference between divine and demon. Am I being overly sensitive? Am I taking on too much? If so, how? Why? and Sweet Jesus make it STOP!

I think I need a vacation from my brain and into my soul.  For a moment I want a glimpse of Jesus so I can feel something besides the ache of anxiety and the “right” way of doing things.  I cannot make everyone happy, I am human and I mess up, I am sorry.  I cannot get everyone to like me and I really am sorry if something I need or said or didn’t do or say hurt you.

But Jesus can.

Jesus can make it all better with one look, one glance, one moment. I need a moment like that today.

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