Everything is Beautiful (in its own way)

ImageUgly-  this is not a pretty word.  It is not meant to be.  Is it true that if every thing is considered beautiful or special than nothing really is?

In a world where we just “love” everything from someone’s haircut down to their shoes then how can we really know they mean it when we say we love their heart?

Right now there is a stink bug in my office driving me crazy, is it beautiful? One of God’s own beloved creatures?

I once had a woman whom I was living with for a time say she didn’t understand why God ever created dust… “well” I thought, “God didn’t really create the dust, we cut down the trees and built shelter for ourselves, like Adam and Eve covering themselves in the garden, we build this house with wood and nails plaster, we created the dust.”

I look at that statement now and think, “smart ass”.

We are all put on the earth for a time, to worship and glorify our maker, but what does that mean when all we do is complain? The beauty and love of God are unsurpassed, but instead of rejoicing, we blame God for the ugliness we’ve created, the boxes we put ourselves in, and we turn on each other like thieves in the night.

Come to us today gracious God, show us to love you through stink bugs and dust bunnies, show us to radiate the type of beauty that comes from true, unselfish love.  Shine your heart through mine so all may know and understand that we are beautiful in your own way. Amen.

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