Pencils Down

Stop. Time’s Up. Pencils Down.

I miss school, I miss someone telling me when it was time to stop working. Class will last for 50 minutes or maybe an hour and a half or two. But then you leave- yes there’s homework, but that leads to a paper or a test and then a grade, the end of class, the final project, concert, etc. Everything you’ve been working towards has reached fruition and there is an end.

I miss this.

The inbox never stops. At 7:15 this morning I had checked my work email twice. This is my fault, I know, it’s in my genes. I fight against it. Next week I will be on vacation and I will turn off my email. I must put my pencil down at some point.

I need to stop glorifying being busy. I need to stop feeling that I am so important it cannot wait. 

The work will get done, and I do good, important work, and it is important to me. But… but. Not at the consequence of the rest of life.


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