This week I had the privilege of gathering together with friends and get some well needed space. Oftentimes we think of needed space and believe that should be synonymous with being alone. It’s true, I could have spent four days at a convent or at a silent retreat, but the honest truth is I would much rather spend it in the presence of people that fill me, that give me the space of being myself.

My family is wonderful, my church community is wonderful, but I need space sometimes, with people that don’t “live” with me. I cannot tell you how appreciative I am for the people in my life that create that space for me.

My “gather” (the advent photo of the day) does not reflect the beauty and grace I felt these last few days, but here it is anyway. But I also don’t know that a photo could could capture it. So, I have to tell you of a moment (after I took this pic of course) of another “gather” moment.

The plane to Baltimore, which I am currently on (wifi on planes is both amazing and terrible) is full and was delayed because of weather. I was sitting next to a young man, who was sitting next to a little girl and her mother. The mother did not speak English, but the little girl, all of, 2? Spilled some cereal on the he floor. The young man (maybe 20) got on his hands and knees and gathered the cereal for the mother.

I enjoyed the moment admittedly, but thought, this is what it is to gather. Gather ye rosebuds, gather your friends, gather your blessings, even in the form of a young man gathering cereal for a tired mother off the floor.

We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessings, to hasten and chasten God’s will to make known. Come Lord jesus, gather us in to your love. Thanksgiving and gratitude will never be enough, so know my heart O God. Amen.


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