I’m a little behind on my blogging for Advent Photo of the Day, but Sunday’s word was “Rejoice” and it was also the day of our Cantata. Our organist, Yeri, is wonderful. We are truly blessed to have her. Not only is she a proficient organist (graduating in May with her Masters in Organ Performance from Peabody Conservatory) she is also full of life and the Spirit of God.  At this moment she is ending rehearsal and charging them before the service.  The choir is also giving her a gift of thanks. Rejoice, rejoice! This was a beautiful moment to could capture this word.


Yeri is always smiling. She is always happy, even when she’s not.  She embodies the spirit that is the spirit of loving-kindness.  We do not need to go around and pretend we are happy when we are not, but I wonder, do we really rejoice when we feel that way? 

How are you today? Fine. 

That is the only acceptable answer.  Often people say to me, “nobody wants to know that I’m having a bad day”.  But in that process we don’t share our joys either. The goal I think would be both, to be real. Rejoice when we want to and share pain when we need to.  This makes us human. After all, isn’t that what we are preparing for? Preparing for God to become human? So rejoice! This is truly a gift to be human and experience the spectrum of feelings involved.

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