Good News


For two weeks my husband and I had been going back and forth about his work Christmas party. Are spouses invited? If they are, should I go? Can we even find a sitter? Can we afford to find a sitter?

So it was decided I would not go. But then this week happened, I was good, everyday was planned out. Our office was chaos, the week before Christmas, my office manager out for a (very well deserved) two week vacation. So we had 6 bulletins to print and announcements top proof, candles and fabric to dig out, music to coordinate, shall I go on?

And yes, it would have been fine, until Tuesday afternoon my sons teacher comes to my office and tells me he has a fever. 103. So off to the doctor, double ear infections, trade off with my husband, back to church for session, working from home Wednesday with emails flying back and forth…

Needless to say, it was a tough week and I ended up working on my day off. So by 4:30 as I am attempting to finish my sermon for Sunday (on a very fried brain) I decide I need a night out, even if it is to my husband’s office party. So I was lucky enough to find a sitter (thanks Emily!) and we went to the party and dinner, sometimes we just need a break.

I am privileged to have a call and a vocation where I share the good news of Christ with a congregation and the community. But sometimes good news comes in spending some well deserved time with my husband.

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