So… How you going to do all this?

That’s an excellent question and one worth exploring.

How am I going to do all this?

I will make lists and charts, and talk things over exhaustively.

I will make a plan and not stick to it in any way and procrastinate and change my mind 50 times and then wish I had stuck with my plan all along.

I will carefully and methodically lay out my paperwork and then promptly spill coffee all over it.

I will get food on my keyboard and complain and clean my desk to make room. I will lay in bed and wonder why I cannot be more focused or sit at my desk and wish I were in bed.

I will choose music with the precision of a madwoman and then get lost for hours in new artists.

I will laugh

I WILL cry

I will try to remember why I’m doing it all. and spend an hour daydreaming about what I would do differently. I will come up with 20 plans that are better than this one.

Then somewhere deep inside a voice will whisper, “I believe in you, you can do this, do not forget I am here for you.” and I will start writing and editing, reading and talking, thinking and scheming about a better world and how my speck of dust, my little Whoville can be changed for the better.

And after all that, if I’m lucky, I’ll remember to pray and praise my maker for the life, the depth, and the choice to do or not do all this.

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