On Being: A Pastor

I MET KRISTA TIPPETT, okay. this may not be a big thing to you, and she’s great, and here’s a picture:



So meeting her was great and she gave a great talk on civility and if you don’t know of her you should. Here is her stuff. What was so great about it all is that I met her in this way: Krista was coming to Baltimore to give a talk sponsored by our local NPR station WYPR. I was excited, I really love her show and think she has a great interview style and a beautiful mind. But here’s why I was also excited. I have parishioners who know her, personally.

I really serve very cool people y’all, and they don’t want acclaim for it, which is what makes it even more beautiful. Krista attributes them for saving her show in 2008 and I am very proud of the work they do in the world. So they  gave me 2 tickets to her talk and the reception before. My husband and I appeared, found my parishioners, and got a drink. Then my parishioner says, “would you like to meet her?”

Okay, I got a little star struck… I know she’s just a person and blah, blah, blah, but you know… she’s interviewed Desmond Tutu for Christ’s sake. Anyway, then something happened that was very grounding, humbling, and real.

“Krista, I would like you to meet my pastor.”

Those are beautiful words. And I never take them for granted (and may I never), every time I hear them. People honor me with those words, they humble me with them, and they connect us in a bond to each other and our God.

When I first start serving a church I am introduced as “our new pastor” or “the pastor of our church” but slowly relationship builds and through time I become their pastor, not just of the church, but the pastor of them. Usually I am one of many people in their life who pastor them, but at some point I get the title.

Years ago when I was ordained I was honored, each church that I have served is an honor, but what I hold closest to my heart is the individual confirmation and love that God is working in our lives when I am introduced as “my pastor”. And not to sound trite, but especially when it happens to Krista Tippett…

2 thoughts on “On Being: A Pastor

  1. Thank you for this piece! It was exactly what I needed to read this week. As I’m in this strange transition world from seminary and academia, internships and “learning environments,” it is the reminder that all of this is because what I’m called to be as a pastor. Thank you for the reminder that what will ultimately make that calling a reality is not exactly how well I do these steps now, but when a real live human being looks at me and introduces me as their pastor. Gospel.

    Also, super cool that you met Krista Tippett. Totally on my bucket list.

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