Snow Daze

*steps on soapbox* *taps mic* “is this thing on?… ehem…

An opinion writer in the Baltimore area wrote a piece on how we Baltimorons need to get over our fear of snow. Then, a Minnesotan decided to weigh in, and now we have a war…

I grew up in Kentucky and Tennessee where snow shut the place down, why? A few practical reasons. Large snows were rare, and it would have been wasteful spending to have the amount of supplies sitting around each year “just in case”. Second, and most importantly, we had higher temperatures.

Having lived in upstate New York for seven years I know this: in northern states in the winter, it gets below freezing and it stays that way; in the mid-atlantic or the south, it doesn’t.

A few frigid days after 2-3 feet of snow we are above freezing again and all this fluffy white stuff starts to melt by the miracle of the sun. Then my the light of the moon, it freezes again. Ice, is dangerous.

Now that our science lesson is complete, let me tell you the more important sides to snow days.

Do. Nothing.

Why are we in such a hurry to get back to work? Back to normal?

Yes, our kids have cabin fever, I hear ya. Totally. But stop! This is a God given sabbath. A few precious days to sit in my bed and read a book, watch the kids play, make popcorn and play video games. The meetings will wait. So will the work.

I am not insensitive to those who do not have the privilege of jobs on salary. I am not insensitive to those who are working tirelessly to get the snow cleared and hearing nothing but complaints.

These public complaints are not coming from those. They’re coming from us overachievers who need to get to our offices and keep the daily drone of work alive. What is so important that my child misses school for another day? I would rather them drive me crazy at home than to hear about bus crashes and accidents because the roads were not safe.

My road is drivable, my driveway is dug out, but I will admit, yesterday I left my house once for therapy, and I was a hinderance to those working tirelessly to get the road cleared. There is one lane where there should be 2, there are 2 lanes where there should be 4 or 6. When they ask you to stay at home, it’s for a reason!

Calm down people, take a nature imposed sabbatical. Work will be waiting.

Remember all those projects you never have time for? That journaling you always want to do? That new recipe you wanted to try? The conversation with your loved ones you wold like to have if you just had time?

And most importantly, why, dear God, why are you in such a hurry to leave your elastic waiste pants?

Snow and Jesus say you’re welcome.

*steps down*


plowing the neighborhood after the snowstorm, the plow is stuck.

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