Luminous: A Year End Review

Tonight ends 2017. To which I say “bu-bye” like the SNL sketch with Dana Carney and Helen Hunt.

Yeah, a year ago I chose a word that challenged me to be a light in the darkness. It was a foreshadowing of what I thought this year would be, and I’m sorry to say I was right.

This is one of those times I would have loved to be wrong. I would have loved for our country and our world to choose love of neighbor instead of an “every MAN for themselves” attitude.

But it was a luminous year. Not just for me, but for thousands of women who stood up and said #metoo. For the harassers, rapists and assault era exposed. For the women’s match where in DC alone hundreds of thousands of women took to the streets and said hate will not win.

It wasn’t enough, but light shines.

I am still hopeful, somehow, and as I look to 2018, I pray that the word is true, that he darkness can never overcome it.

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