Child of Blessing, Child of Promise

Last week was unco West, which meets at San Francisco Theological Seminary. Just like all other uncos (which is short for unconference) it was amazing, and I met people I wondered how I ever lived without and spent some time with the people that feed my soul.  At the end of the last worship we decided to give each other a blessing, with water. We remembered our baptism, washed away our shame, and blessed each other with abundance and permission. As a worship leader the bowl was started near me and I was privileged to be one of the last to be anointed.

So it’s my turn to go forward and I have been holding a 2 year old little girl. We do this at unco, rely on the community for everything, including entertaining each other’s children. It is church and community in the truest form. She and I have been playing for a while now and her mom is in front of us.  Kath turns around and anoints her daughter, a beautiful moment for everyone, but then this precious girl dips her fingers into the water and touches my forehead.


I have baptized many children- all special, all sacred moments, all a privilege, but never have I received an blessing from a child. Not this way.

I have experienced the grace of both of my children, I have been anointed with bath water, spit-up and snot. I know that this little girl was simply mimicking what her mother did, but she did it. She touched my forehead with her tiny fingers and wiped that cold tap water on my head. She blessed me.

I have a lot to atone for in my life, enough shame to last 10 lifetimes- but in that moment- there was purity of joy, there was innocents in my arms and on my head. God came in that moment in the hands of a child and pushed me out of myself. Love is like that. That sweet girl through her fingers blessed me with innocence and grace.

May she (and I) grow to be a strong woman of faith and wisdom. In the name of all that is good and holy. Amen.


Curse you new routine! Making my kids get up too early and scream all the way to school. Really because they went to bed too late.  They need more sleep but they also need to see their parents.

Curse you technology that family time is now spent looking at the tv, computers, iphones and ipads one (or two for everyone)

Curse you unusual thing that happened this morning to mess me up.

one-does-not-simply-curses_o_176553Curse the internet full of knowledge, memes and cute kitten videos that keep me distracted, links that lead to links.

Curse you email, text messaging, twitter, and facebook for helping to share every idea I have the moment I have them and filling others inbox’s with half processed thoughts.

Curse you winter rain- be cold or don’t- snow or don’t but quit lurking over us that the brother in the back of the car that is “not touching us” with his finger in our face.

Curse it all. Because then I can truly understand the blessing this life really is.

The Blessing that my husband and I have good jobs and a safe place to take our kids each day.

For the blessing of being connected with friends and family at the touch of a button.

Blessings for the unexpected and opportunity to meet new people.

Blessing of the quest for the unexpected and being reminded that I am not in control of this world.

To God be the Glory.