Moving into Darkness

So saying “I’m not giving up something for Lent, I’m taking something on” kind of drives me crazy.  But saying “Jesus gave his life for me so I will give up chocolate” equally drives me crazy.  So during the season on Lent what are we to do?

For years my husband and I have been in the practice of giving things up for Lent.  One year we went vegetarian, another year we gave up a car (went down to 1). 

Who ever said that giving something up was not taking something on also? When we gave up a car we were forced to communicate in a new way.  We could no longer be passive about each others daily lives, we not had a vested interest.  Where are you going today, how long will you need it.  At the time we lived next door to the church I was working at so I had to check with him before I planned meetings away from church, or I had to organize a ride for myself.  It was a great discipline.

This year I have given up fashion.  Well, in a sense.  For the season of Lent I will be wearing all black, no makeup and no jewelry except for a simple wedding band.  The idea for me is that I express myself through my clothing and my jewelry, what if I no longer had that artistic expression?  What if I had to express my creativity in other ways? What ways would those be?

It is a challenge in expression.  I am excited to see what happens.

However, four days in I feel myself moving into the darkness of the clothing I wear.  But a good Lenten practice is a journey, and as much as i am fighting the black, I am curious to see where it leads me.

God of Light, you walked a dark path which we mark by this season, be present with me- So that when you rise, I may rise to new life with you.