Finding Room for Tired in My Life

What is it about feeling tired? I go, go, all the time, everyday.  The is an hour or so of winding down at night, well most nights… okay… some nights.  But mostly it’s go, go, go. A little more caffeine to get me through and sleep as much as I can, get up and do it again.  Go, go, go.

What’s wrong with being tired? I work hard, I provide for my family.  I’m aloud aren’t I?

Maybe I think being tired will show weakness?  No that’s not it. No that’s definitely it…

My brain says that’s silly, but my heart knows it to be true.  This tired feeling this feeling of exhaustion, it’s my body telling me I’m human, I’m weak, I can’t do it all.

To which I say. “Oh yeah! Watch me!”

Lord, give me strength, by learning to appreciate my weaknesses.  I cannot do it all, nor should I.  Nor, to be honest do I really want to.  Show me to walk in your ways and teach me your path. Amen.